Monday, November 3, 2008

Fireworks inchy

The Inchy by Inch blog posts a challenge every week. This week was to have some kind of fireworks/glitter on your inchy. Here's my attempt...

I LOVE GLITTER!!! I've been gradually collecting it, usually when I see it on clearance. For this inchy I got to use ultrafine silver and silver stars! I've had the silver star glitter for years, and have never used it, so I was happy to find just the perfect project :) And a rhinestone, my current favorite bling!

A visit to the thrift store

I haven't been to the thrift store for almost 3 weeks! I'm going through withdrawal LOL Today was such a nice day, so C and I went to the thrift store after dropping Az off at kindergarten. The shelves were almost bare! I think they are recycling their inventory right now. I still managed to find a couple of pieces for my milk glass collection though :) I got a vase to replace the one that I broke a few months ago (still crying about my poor little birdie salt shaker that broke in the same catastrophe), and a piece by Brody. I normally leave the Brody pieces for others to love, but this one had such a fun shape that I brought it home with me. It looks like a really big egg cup to me LOL I also found the broach, which I LOVE. Pink rhinestones... who could ask for anything better than that? And finally, I got a book, "Flat Rock Journal: a day in the Ozark Mountains" (LOVE nature writing!), and a basket. The basket is a hanging basket that's flat on one side. I had just seen a basket like it hanging on a door in a cottage style book this morning. I was so happy to find one to hang on my door! But then dh reminded me that you have to slam the back door to get it to stay closed. So it will probably end up hanging outside NEXT to the door instead. Life is all about compromise, right? Either way, I will have a cute basket LOL Now to find some pretty fall flowers and leaves to put in the basket! The last things I bought were some silver Christmas ornaments and 2 blue ornaments with snowflakes on them. They were the only ornaments in the store, and they are exactly right for my tree! It must be fate! C was so good to stay in the basket. I love shopping with a 3 yr old! I can talk to myself and people think I'm talking to him! LOL