Monday, July 14, 2008

Paper crafting tags

I found a blog called Weekend Taggers/Tag You're It. They post a challenge every week (I think LOL), and the challenge for this week was to use red, cream and brown on a tag. Well, since I really wanted to create something, and I always do better if I have a challenge or a deadline, I decided to give it a try. Here is my creation...

And then I decided to make another goodie, just for fun. The argyle background paper was actually the packaging for a stamp I bought, and I decided it was way too cute to throw away. So I added a few embellishments and a quote (seriously LOVE quotes), and here it is! The butterfly and the flowers in the tea cup and in the metal embellie in the top left corner are cut from a flower catalog, and then embellished with rhinestones. I have this sitting in my white basket with a bird's nest and a glass jar full of bird's eggs. They make a nice little tableau :)
Now, just as soon as I get my desk cleaned up AGAIN, and find another challenge, I'll create something else! Check out the Tag You're It link for more red/brown/cream tag ideas!


Anne said...

Coooorrr!!! These are gorgeous!!! Your tag is perfect!! Everything blends so beautifully. I love that cracklded background and the quote is sooo true! And your harlequin card is really classy! I'm so glad you found us and brought us here to your blog! We do set a new tag theme every Friday but there's loads of previous themes you can have a bash at if you're stuck for inspiration anytime! Great to 'meet' you, and thank you for playing along! ;o) xx

Sharon said...

Hello! :)

Oh my word, what a stunning tag.

I love the vintage feel to it and all the beautiful little embellishments.

Fabulous work.

Sharon said...

Ooops, I forgot to say how much I love the harlequin card too.

The delicate background colour works so beautifully with the vellum quote.

Sam Morris said...

Wow! Love the crackled background and what a fantastic quote! Lovely composition and design too, thanks so much for finding us and taking part in this challenge ... as Anne said feel free to take part in any of the previous challenges as well as the new ones each Friday :)

Carole said...

Great tag!