Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Around the World

J and I, Biker's Roadhouse

Yesterday and today my dh (J) and I took a trip around the world. A couple of times even. We started out in Egypt, visited Africa and Mexico, stopped by the Taj Mahal, road a "hog" to a roadhouse, took in a movie at a drive-in in the back of an old Ford truck, hung out in Vegas, visited a tipi, and did a little alligator-watching in a bayou. How did we manage all this in 2 days? Check out the Anniversary Inn website for the pictures!
Dh takes the pictures for the Anniversary Inn in Logan and Salt Lake City, Utah, and Boise, Idaho. The Logan Inn had just finished creating 9 new rooms and they needed pictures of the rooms for their website. So we spent yesterday and today taking the pictures. As part of the deal, we got to stay in one of the rooms. My sweet mother-in-law watched my 5 kids so dh and I could spend a working/romantic evening together. We chose to stay in the Nephertiti's Court room. It was beautiful, with a wonderful Egyptian theme. The artwork and accessories in all of the new rooms are stunning! I can't believe the incredible attention to the details. If you're ever in the Logan, Salt Lake, or Boise vicinity, check out the rooms at the Anniversary Inn. If not, wait a couple of days and dh will have the pics up on the website; http://www.anniversaryinn.com/logan.php .

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