Friday, April 25, 2008

Cub Magic and birds

Wednesday night was our pack meeting. Our cubmaster was out of town, so the rest of us were left to put it together. Because I have been there the longest, I was in kind of in charge of putting everything together (one leader had only been in for 3 days, one for about 4 months and the other for about 9 months). Luckily I had lots of help! How does the cubmaster do this every month? LOL Our theme was Cub Scout Magic, and we had asked each cub to come with a magic trick. I figured most of them would forget, but I was wrong! There was only a couple of scouts that didn't have a magic trick. Amazingly, we didn't have any duplicate tricks. E did a trick where it looks like he pulls a scarf through his neck. He did a great job and so did all the other scouts. It turned out to be a really successful pack meeting, and I think everyone had a lot of fun.

This morning E and I did a little birding. Nothing new at Sue's Ponds (my current favorite location), but there was a large group of Wilson's Phalaropes, Earred Grebes, and Bonaparte's Gulls. The phalaropes are so fun to watch. They are such busy little things. There were some Franklin's Gulls there too. I love seeing them at this time of year, because they are PINK. Seriously! They are small gulls, with a black head, white eye ring, and grey backs. Most of the year they have white undersides, but in their breeding plumage in the early spring, they become this delicate rosy shade. So much fun to see pink birds LOL Reminds me of Pink Floyd, the flamingo that used to live at the Great Salt Lake. My dad and I were out birding around the lake one year when we saw him. I said, "Dad, there is a flamingo out there!" LOL Totally threw me for a loop. This was when I first started birding, and I had no idea that there was an escaped flamingo that had been spending the summers on the lake for a few years. He was around for a long time, but I don't know if anyone has seen him for the last couple of years. May he fly in peace :) After Sue's Ponds we headed over to 2020 Pond. I haven't checked there for a while, because for some reason, there hasn't been anything there. It used to be one of my favorite spots, but lately it's been deserted. About one minute after we got there though, a Wood Duck went swimming by! Yippee! Been looking for him for a while now. It was a beautiful male, lots of showy color. He's like the peacock of the duck world LOL Other than that there was one lonely Canada Goose and a couple of coots. But the Wood Duck made it worth the drive.

Now, if it could just STAY spring LOL No more snow!

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