Friday, May 30, 2008

Check out these give aways...

Here are a couple of great blogs to check out... Sanctuary Arts and Cupid's Charm. They are both having wonderful give aways this month! And they're also fun to visit just because :) Since I STILL have not figured out how to put the link in my blog entry (even though my much more computer savvy sister told me how), you can find the links to SA and CC in my blog list on the right.

I'm off to Salt Lake for my nephew's baptism tomorrow. So exciting! Congratulations K! Dh wants to stop at Cabella's while we're down there. I'm hoping for Tai Pan Trading Company myself LOL I enjoy Cabella's, but the kids get REALLY BORED long before dh gets done looking at camping gear! We're getting ready to go backpacking in a couple of weeks though, so of course we have to check out the new gear!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Shanae, thanks for the Giveaway tips, will go and check those out. Hope you have a great time away!
Lucy x

Jen r. said...

Thanks for posting my drawing!! I wish you a ton of luck! You always leave the nicest comments! Jen R