Monday, March 10, 2008

100 Birds

The Bridgerland Audubon Society has an elite group of birders; the 200 bird club. This is a group of people who have seen 200 species of birds in Cache Valley, Utah, within the space of one year. It's my aspiration to become a part of this privileged group, but due to current limitations (5 kids LOL), I won't be joining this group any time soon. So I've set my own goal; 100 birds. It'll be tricky, but it should be doable. I started counting on Jan. 1st, and as of today I'm up to 48 species. Almost half there! Yippee! Number 48 was the Brown Creeper, which I saw on Saturday (see the cute little birdie pic on the right). Brown Creepers are one of my favorite birds, so I was happy to see him visiting my yard.
Today I went to Borders (LOVE all bookstores, but that one has an especially great clearance section) and got a book titled "Birds in your Backyard: A Bird Lover's Guide to Creating a Garden Sanctuary". I've been eyeing it at another store for a while, and when I found it in the clearance section today for $4.99 I knew I was meant to own this book. And since dh and I have decided we're NOT going to be lazy and stay in the house all summer, this will give us a plan for improving our poor neglected yard. I can't wait to plant some of the recommended flowers and put up some bird feeders and houses. Luckily the neighbors have a REALLY nice bird friendly yard, so we already enjoy the spillover from their bird feeders. Shouldn't be too hard to entice a few to hang out in our yard. Just have to wait for all that snow to melt...

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