Saturday, March 29, 2008

altered tube

Dh and I were out shopping back in February when we saw this pretty tubey vase with grassy stuff sticking out of it. Dh really liked it, but at the time, it wasn't worth the price to us. A few days later I was in Micheal's and saw these wine tubes on clearance for $2. The thought came to me that with a little altering, the tube would look just like the vase that dh had admired! So I bought a couple of them, and a bunch of grass stuff (don't you love all these technical terms I use? LOL) Above is everything in original form; wine tube, florist foam and grass. Dh was pretty excited when I brought it home and told him what I was going to do with it. He put the tube on his desk, with the grass stuff in it, and there it has patiently waited for about a month. Well, not quite patiently LOL Every couple of days dh asks me when I'm going to fix his tube for him.

Today was the day! He was gone taking pics of his cousin and her family, and I was trying to avoid housework as usual, so I thought I would surprise him by finally finishing the project. I decoupaged the patterned paper (from Paper Adventures) on the bottom, then used plain white card stock that I trimmed with fiskar's scalloped scissors and punched each scallop with a small hole punch. I was going for that pretty scalloped tin look LOL Dh says it reminds him of a ladies shirt collar. Ahh well. I love that patterned paper! It's embossed, with a raised effect, and it's just so cool in real life. Wish I had more of it, but alas, that was the only piece I had.
It definitely needs a LOT more grass stuff, but dh seems happy with it, and I'm just happy to have actually accomplished something today!

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Jeanette said...

ooh I like that paper too.