Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Tree

About three years ago, a teacher gave this little tree to our family. It was cute, but the paint job on the little ornaments was "dollar store chic", just a little too tacky (and really poorly done!) for me. So this year, I decided to make it a bit cuter. First I painted all the ornaments in pretty pastel colors. Then I pulled out the glitter. Well, the only glitter I had was a "pastel" glitter stack purchased from Stampin' Up! a few years ago. I thought it looked a little bright to be called pastel LOL, but I went ahead and put a layer of watered down tacky glue on each ornament, and then poured on the glitter. I used razzleberry on the pink ornaments, yellow on the yellow, mint green on the green, blue on the blue... got to the lavender ornaments, and uh-oh; no purple glitter. So I just used the dazzling diamonds glitter. Everything but the lavender ornaments turned out more on the neon side LOL But I love it anyway. Just makes me feel happy and springy. And anything that sparkles is pretty, right? So now it's more of neon bling easter tree!

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Jeanette said...

It turned out cute, great job!